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The Perfactor combines micro current that:

Using nanotechnology that regenerates, building skin and muscle tissue.

Perfector also reduces pigmentations, rosacea and acne. Perfector can be used after plastic surgery to reduce scarring and aid in healing.

A short relaxing Perfector procedure offers the non-invasive alternative to a complete non-surgical face-lift. Perfector is the secret behind some movie stars ageless looks. This versatile powerful system sculpts your features giving you confidence at any age.

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Perfector Face Lift

“Currently this treatment is being endorsed by the American Academy of Anti Aging.”

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The Perfector is a computerized device that lifts facial muscles, rejuvenates and restores youthful freshness and glow. Perfector science revolutionizes cosmetic procedures by giving the natural, healthy alternative to anti aging.

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“Looking good and feeling great in South Carolina!”

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Perfector Face Lift

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“See our story about skin rejuvenation as seen on WOLO TV.”

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